Useful in Hungary

Budapest is just purely beautiful, friendly and in general safe city. You just have to see it!

Budapest is a big metropolis and yet friendly and in general safe city. Here the historic blends with the modern, the hills harmonize with the river, that is, the Danube, which flows through the city.
More than two million people live in this beautiful and fun city which is often called the Central of Europe.


Hungary has a continental climate which means that from March to October Budapest is the perfect outdoor place. For more weather information check our weather page.


The country’s official currency is Hungarian forint (HUF or Ft) but the Euro is accepted at some places. One British Pound is worth about 350 Forints and one Euro is worth about 290 Forints.

We suggest that you change your money at a cash point machine or a bank. Changing money on the street from stangers a bad idea! In Hungary you should always have cash with you because cards are not accepted at many places.


The safest and cheapest way to get a ride is to call a cab. The tariff is different if you call, then if you just hop into one. But if you do just hop into one make sure you choose one with a company name and a phone number on the car. You can also ask the driver about the approximate price before leaving. Taxi Companies.

Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine = goulash, that’s what most people recall.. But that it’s not the only food that is our specialty. Budapest has over 1,000 restaurants, offering Hungarian and international cuisine. You must try fish soup, chicken paprika and good home-made pörkölt (stew), also goose liver, whether fried or grilled, cold or hot, it is simply unforgettable.

Desserts really deserve a separate chapter. The most delicious ones are strudels, Gundel pancakes, somlói dumplings and gesztenyepüré (cooked chestnuts mashed, topped with whipped cream.


Budapest has the perfect scene for parties and for StagPartys. Plenty of bars and clubs are out there, opened usually 10pm-5am, with many different atmospheres. Lately the 5th district became a popular nightlife area, with more and more places opening. Other then this everything is quite spread out.

Strip Clubs

Strip club is a must do while you are on a Stag party and lucky to you Budapest has many to offer. But be careful, plenty of dodgy and only a few safe, where you won’t get ripped off.
We only recommend you 100% safe and high-standard strip clubs.