Rent a Strip Club


You want to enjoy the pleasures of the strip bars exclusively, we can make that happen too! Here is the the opportunity to rent out the strip club! This activity allows you to have the strip club to yourselves for two hours, prior to actual opening time. While watching the beautiful Budapest strippers enjoy the open bar for1.5 hours. You may also decide to have your dinner near the stage, and have everything at your favour.

Price includes:

  • free taxis to the strip club
  • the strip club for your private disposal between 19:00-21:00
  • All you can drink for 1.5 hours (excluding premium drinks, Champagne and Red Bull)
  • Continuous dances around the pole, non-stop shows
  • special show for the stag
  • guide
  • All private shows last 15 minutes instead of 10
  • duration: 2 h

Interested? Contact US and let the FUN begin: CONTACT PARADISE