Medieval Dinner


Let’s turn back time. Take a journey back to medieval times, the surroundings, atmosphere and staff are all in synch with the real medieval traditions, providing live belly dancing, duels and many more, bound to make you feel far away from the 21st century. Spice up the Menu with any of your additional options between the courses in a private room.

Price includes:

  •   As much beer and wine you can drink
  •   1 round of traditional Hungarian shot, pálinka
  •   Soup, huge plates of meat, garnish, fruit and vegetable
  •   Belly-dancer show, medieval fight show
  •   guide

Additional options to add:

  • Stripper show:  € 80/ show
  • Lesbian strip-show:  €170 / show
  • Roly-Poly:  €110 / show
  • Stripper & Roly-Poly combined : €190 / show
  • Chippendale, Price:  €110 / show

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